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mercoledì 22 settembre 2010

La Sigla of the 63th Festival del film Locarno

The new sigla of the Festival has been realized thanks to the desire of Locarno artistic director Olivier Père, that gave the opportunity of create it to La Boite Visual Art, a still and motion design atelier directed by Patricia Boillat and Elena Gugliuzza, that took care of the films choice, archives research, photographic restoring, editing, graphics and sound design. Music is an original composition by Giovanni Venosta with the technical support of Massimo Mariani for the mix. The final 5.1 mix took place in Zone 33 Bern with the sound engineer Rolf Büttikofer.

DCP | 5.1 | 1’37’’

Image(s) of cinema

How would a festival be without movies and film makers? Nothing. This is why we wanted to tell the history of the Festival del film Locarno in a few minutes, choosing some distinctive movies excerpts with the signature of their authors. In 2005, when I was directing the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs in Cannes, I had commanded (following the same principle) a little introductive movie to the filmmaker Olivier Jahan who encountered increasing success with the passing of years. Coming to Locarno, I wanted to pay homage to the cinematic richness of a manifestation which has been parading some of the greatest names of cinema since its creation, 63 years ago. The difficult mission to put up about fifty frames was entrusted to Patricia Boillat and Elena Gugliuzza, responsibles of the department Image and Sound of the Festival, which guarantees the outstanding quality of the projections in the Piazza Grande and in the movie theatres. But they are artists, too. They have realized wonderful editing, screened before all the shows, which is already part of the memories preserved by the assiduous or occasional visitors of the Festival. On the captivating piece of music composed by Giovanni Venosta, Silvio Soldini’s usual composer, the film shows the visages of Marcello Mastroianni, Claudia Cardinale, Vincent Gallo, Lou Castel, Brad Pitt, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, the images of Ladri di biciclette (Bicycle Thieves), Andrei Roublev, No Quarto da Vanda (In Vanda’s Room), Gerry, Il grido (The Cry), Planet Terror, the names of Stanley Kubrick, Béla Tarr, Abbas Kiarostami, Roberto Rossellini, Glauber Rocha, Edward Yang, Alain Tanner… History of cinema continues. There is nothing anymore to add to Locarno but every year some names of film makers who are worthy to appear next to these masters. (Olivier Père)

la sigla 2010 on La Boite Visual Art website

Sigla 63th Festival del film Locarno
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